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What’s going on

I’m writing this note just to tell you what are we doing, me, Damian and, soon, Christian on Wardrome and how this will influence the gaming experience on the next future.

The upgrades and the reorganization tasks are constantly flowing, in details we are

– Migrating the maintenance daemons, that are executed by the C engine, into various php cronjobs so the software will be more portable and more easy to mantain. The C engine will  elaborate only the heaviest jobs that can’t be done in seconds using PHP.

– We are simplifying the upgrade process of the game so we will upgrade all the games using Composer an an ORM: no more misaligned games and long time upgrades for the latest news.

– We are working for make the game more powerful and, at the same time, to reduce the resources used by the server, in order to ensure a better gaming experience.

– We are working on a quest engine for single user, clan, global. This engine will permit to generate an adventure game, with step quests, inside the game. In the admin control panel, also in the quest moderator panel, all parameters can be defined.

– The admins of the games will be able to personalize their game so each universe will become a different game.

– We are planning on a lot of spaceships and upgrades.

– Blacksun will be reopened soon.
We are looking for administrator for other languages ( Français | Español | Portuguese | Nederlands | Deutsch): if you speak one of those language and you wish to challenge yourself managing a game community, contact us

Thank you for reading this short update and for the support you give us every day with premium.

Remember if you support the game we can improve it and make a better game experience for you

Thank you

Ricardo Piana, Wardrome Lead Developer

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