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2.42 Gorgonea Tertia

Here is a list of changes made with the upgrade yesterday on Solenero and which will be brought on RedSun by Thursday:

Fixing a bug where after a certain number of medals were not awarded prestige points.
bug resolution: the Alien Blast could not be used when zero energy.
bug resolution: Antros & Traps were incompatible.
Bug Fix: Ship recover gets even pirate’s owls.
Bug Fix for which the evolution of a planet recharged ship fighters also to other races.
Bug resolution: a very long signature might spoil the layout
Bug Fix pop-up that went below the images
Bug Fixes missing images

Ship Saint Patrick
Ship HeartBreaker
Ship Harlequine
Ship Mimosa
Ship Colt and Bullets
Ship Insurance

Arena combats with bets
New route calculation
Escape key on popups
Settlers telecharge
Highlight Spaceports Homeworlds in the list
Deleting trashcans automatically.
Total Charisma in observatory
Asteroid Race removed
Special offers
Map any maze (with Harlequine)
Turn around in the maze
View next coordinates of the race (with Harlequine)
Link to the Gym charging in the labyrinth
Best radar
Automatic mazes
Automatic races
Balanced Lottery
New prestige ranking
Planets list filters
Additional premium functions for planets
Change clan name
Improvements to navigation on hws
Login with Google
Login with facebook
Better Asteroid Attack for asteroids
New rank missions
Bonus cash and cash limit
Levels of the planets
New landing page made with bootstrap
Clear view of the premium available with links to paypal
Fog of War
Removed the limit of 12 standard upgrades for the ship.
Cleaned the search tree
Cleaned up the useless buildings

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