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Memorial Relik

Hello to all players, since I started the adventure of Wardrome, A little less than ten years ago, fortunately I have never had the tedious task of having to remember a player shortly after his death.
When it comes plus a young player it is even more sad.
The cadet Relik, in real life named Fabrizio, he’s gone.
I quote here the memory of his friend Vincent.

Hi I’m Vincent and I am just a commander Wardrome Solerosso.
About three weeks ago me and my best friend decided to try a game that would involve both.
Searching the internet he found Wardrome.
I immediately got interested since I am a fan of science fiction and writing,
he had seen my own impressions that we both wish to dive into a rpg story that we want to create, developed and conclude together, in fact in real recently times we tried several times to start games inspired by D & D with some friends but never achieving anything concrete.

I enrolled immediately very eager to participate in this game, he unfortunately at that time had no time and was able to appreciate its beauty only because of me and because of what I did see him, he joined the game shortly after me.

Two weeks ago, however, happened the incident that I consider worst in my life, he was gone.

One evening as always call on Skype, we were talking about some of the stories that we had in mind and that we could continue talking about the next night that we should go out, I was tired and I could not be enough polished to stay all night so we went to bed. The next morning he did not wake up again.

He was Fabrizio, Relik his nickname, he was a boy of 17 years old who had a great life, from the great dream of doing the voice actor, was interested in manga and drawings, he was an excellent draftsman, although he did not like to admit it, attended the 4th programmers section at my school and had a lot of people who loved him and was one of the most good person that I have ever known, was a person who always made you laugh with him was impossible not to.
He was my best friend, he was the person that if the evening had nothing to do always kept me company, he was special.

I asked Admin to be able to remember him on Wardrome because he would like to continue our adventure in this magnificent universe, with great sensitivity all the staff allowed me to remember him in this way and for this I will be forever grateful.
He would do great things here, we’d written together still beautiful stories that we could have proud of our work.

In part if I play here I owe to him.

I thank all those who have had the time and inclination to read my post to remind Fabrizo, he would have loved all this in his memory.

You can interact directly with Vincent in forum external link: Addio ad un caro amico

The admins (the Sgt.Kyashan, the Sgt.Electra and me) to remind ourselves Fabrizio, we decided to issue a call for an RPG contest to be repeated every year, the first edition of which will be played on March, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17.
The awards will be presented during the celebrations for the 10th birthday of Wardrome, March 23.


To participate in the memorial you must write an RPG that brings the title “MEMORIAL RELIK” the theme of the RPG is free, you must be enrolled in Solerosso for the Italian competition and RedSun for the English version.
The jury will be composed by his friend Vincent, by me and by Sgt.Kyashan.
We will deliver three prizes to the winner 4000premium days to the first, 2000premium days to the second, 1000premium days to the third.

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