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Wardrome 2.31 Gavalanna

-Support for Firefox 4
-Experimental support for Internet Explorer 9
-Preloader improved
-All functions no more active have been removed from the Homeworld .
-Drones have been removed from the Surveillance list.
-The structure called Ultima Spes has been removed from the sector of the Alien portal.
-New Award (a medal) for who pass through the Alien portal at least once.
-Available the Advanced Missions to speed the rank up.
-Available at the Academy the list of all Advanced missions.
-Automatic removal of the ship-owls (Pirate barrel) of the player during vacation mode and withdrawal period.
-Default reward of 1000 credits is sets for new outlaws.
-Introduced a reward-cost for the launch of ship-owls (first time 1000, the second 2000, third 4000 and so on)

-Soft corrections in the index pages.
-Fixed a bug that caused the shutdown of Antros devices in case of attempted withdrawal.
-Fixed a bug that did not retrieve the user name in the box ‘sends message’ clicking by private reply and by the character profile.
-Fixed a bug that prevented a proper searching for phrases in the news.
-Fixed a bug that prevented the proper display of RSS news feed.
-Fixed some errors in the description of vacation mode in Options.

JQueryUI and jQuery javascript libraries have been updated to the latest versions available.

4 pensieri su “Wardrome 2.31 Gavalanna

  1. Capa

    “Aggiunto supporto per Firefox 4”

    Non ho capito che fa (o faceva) o che dovrebbe fare 😛
    (sono ignorante in materia 🙁 )

    “Costo in crediti di taglia per il lancio delle astronavi civetta (la prima volta 1000, la seconda 2000, la terza 4000 e così via)”

    2 domande:

    1) Il costo è per barrel o per lancio in generale?
    2) I pirati ora hanno un Handicap riguardo la Taglia?

    Comunque belle davvero le nuove modifiche! 🙂

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