WarDrome Blog

Who is behind Wardrome?

Wardrome is a browser-based online game designed and programmed by Laura and Ricardo.
Laura has designed all graphics, interior and exterior of the game, wrote the CSS, textured the spaceships, made videos of the missions. Laura is known in every game as Sgt.Electra.

Ricardo wrote all the code of the game  in C++ and PHP, installed the server software, made the system administrator, in the game is known as Admin

We are Italian and our game was made for passion, and we continue to lead it passionately, improving it, to make the game that we want to play ourselves before all of you.

This blog is to know us better, with players old and new, with just curious readers, is not a sterile board for service communications and new versions, but a virtual place to share with you our plans, things we have learned along the road, our opinions sometimes ferocious or politically incorrect about the state of online gaming in general and specifically via browser.

Our mission is only one: have fun with you, conquering the stars and also making use of intelligence and creativity, things that for marketing issues in online games are widely unpopular and never requested to play.

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