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The version 2.28 of the game will be made available shortly in the italian game Solerosso, then gradually for all the others.
This release introduces improvements in stability and speed of javascript and update the game to version 1.4.2 of jQuery.
The options panel has been renewed and will be introduced “hibernation” (Vacation mode) .
Players will be able to get away from the game (minimum 48 hours) stopping all forms of production, digging, attack.
A new system of automatic e-mail will alert you about attacks, pending messages, inactivity and so on.

For games in English and French this upgrade will introduce all the changes introduced in the previous Italian versions:

New research queue which can perform multiple searches simultaneously.
New construction management system with queues and the possibility of building more buildings simultaneously.
Removed the limit of 3 research laboratories
You no longer need a research lab to build wormholes generators.
Removed the destruction option of the research laboratories
New planet rapid-fire guns to destroy ship to planet missiles.
The Pirate-barrel are no longer pilotable.
Black Markets are now accessible only to the Pirates.
The clan with the most number of members (in case of a tie with the highest score) gets the formula “Ipergenesis”.
The genesis-devices launched by people with a formula Ipergenesis gets a bonus +100,000,000 population.
Talisman-Djed, Radar Djed and Dodecaquiz race.