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Solenero strikes back!

“You never forget your first love”

Solenero was the first persistent game of Wardrome, when it started there were not even all careers, few ships and players, it was about five years ago.

Solenero was our gym for tests, it brought us to the actual version sure more balanced than before, and was shutted down for new signups when Solerosso was started. There were too much players with gigantic fleets.

Sometimes taken by the sentimentality, the players of Solerosso asked us “when Solenero reopens?”

Today we said, ‘Why not? ” and made the necessary warnings for the novice in home page we have given new life to Solenero, it’s now updated to version 2.28.
The game is recommended for experienced players, losing the entire fleet is easy, there are giants in the game (both players and aliens) , good luck!

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