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Galaxiadi 2010: Recruiting and Opening Ceremony Events


The first two events of the “Galaxiadi of Solerosso” will be a Recruiting and a RPG about the Opening Ceremony Events

Here are the rules:

Recruiting is composed of two different tests, once of them gives 20points to the 1st, 10 to 2nd, 5 to 3rd.

The first one is to bring on new players during the entire period of Galaxiadi.

  1. New players must notify admin after graduates, telling they were invited by you.
  2. The race is canceled if no one reaches the minimum limit of ten commanders invited.
  3. No IP sharing between new commanders is allowed.

The second test is to find and document a funny method to promote Wardrome.

  1. You can use any method.
  2. The method must be documented with photos or video.

The RPG test must describe in the public channel and  roleblog some stages of the Opening Ceremony of Galaxiadi.

The text must show “Opening Ceremony of Galaxiadi” immediately below the title.
The story must be published not later than October 15, 2010.
If you have questions please comment below.

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