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10/10/10 Galaxiadi (Wardrome Olympic Games)

Sunday, October 10, 2010 on the Italian galaxy Solerosso will start the first edition of the Wardrome Olympic Games “Galaxiadi”.

The race will be divided into events and specialties, the specialties are the results achieved by the best commanders in various disciplines, events should be performed on the specific dates in the calendar below. For each specialties will be awarded to the winner 10 points, 5 points to second, 3 points to the third, for each event will be awarded to the winner 20 points, 10 points to the 2nd and 5 points to third.

The list of specialties that you can improve until closing day of the games is:

  1. Ship with more fighters hangar
  2. Ship with more cargo bays
  3. Ship with better navigation system
  4. Best digger
  5. Best darkmatter digger
  6. Best medical section
  7. Best command section
  8. Planet most populous
  9. Planet most fertile
  10. Richest Commanders
  11. Commander who has destroyed most fighters
  12. Commander who has destroyed more ships
  13. Commander with the most merits
  14. Most charismatic commander
  15. Best rank
  16. Commander more sociable
  17. Commander stronger
  18. Best attack
  19. Best Defense
  20. Faster
  21. Best Marines

Events calendar

October 10, 2010 – RPG Opening Contest
October 18, 2010 – Labyrinth of the torch-bearer
November 8, 2010 – Galactic Marathon
November 22, 2010 – Race Obstacle
November 29, 2010 – Asteroids collection
December 6, 2010 – Ultima Spes Collection (materials)
December 9, 2010 – Tournament of fightings in the gym
December 13, 2010 – Tournament of naval battles
December 16, 2010 – Alien Invasion
December 20, 2010 – RPG closing Contest
January 6, 2011 – Award Ceremony

The rules of the various competitions will be announced a few days before the event.

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