Wardrome 2.34 Gestath

It will be soon available in all the galaxies the new version 2.34 “Gestath.”

The release includes:
-Improved safety
-Support for future iOS applications
-Support for future wardrome version 3.0 code name “Renaissance”
-Bugfixes on nightly maintenance of the planets
-It’s been removed daily interest for the bounties of the pirates.

WarDrome 2.33 Gellyn


- Fast Signup
Improved the registration system, immediate entry into the game .
- Space Tunnels List
By the Surveillance menu is now available a complete list of open wormholes, with relative controls for closing them.
- Select spaceships
To meet the senior commanders who had difficulty in creating the fleet using the check boxes, by now you can select your own spaceships by simply clicking on the images.
- Link to the Observatory
The Observatory of the Moon, this pleasant place where the events of the galaxy are documented (as well as the number of asteroids present), is now accessible from any planet by the construction of the Holodeck.
- Champions League
Statistics of the galaxy commanders are now present in the scoreboard at heading “Champions League”.  The specialties listed may increase, so lets to suggest new ones!
- Awards and Promotion
In the Options section is possible to vote WarDrome through partner sites.
Each vote (expressed per 24 h) give you immediately a gift similar to Facebook ones  (which you collect from Messages> Gifts), with the difference that can affect randomly spaceships, planets, characters and equipment.
- Improved anti-cheat controls
- Updated the script to Facebook

– Fixed bug of game sessions with Academy training
– Fixed the bug of the mysterious 13th step of the Race of Asteroids
– Fixed the bug on the radar asteroids
– Fixed the bug on the dissolution of the clan that does not dissolve
– Fixed the bug of radio beacons of none that none can destroy

All WarDrome galaxies will be updated in the next few hours / days.

WarDrome 2.32 Gavelenderiel

– New permanent quest: The Asteroid race.
A competition of speed along a route in stages.
The first to arrive receives an award, but also sets in motion the vicious mechanism hidden from the race: +250 new asteroids for his race.
The race is perpetual and it begins by the same sector.
When the first reaches the finish, the release of asteroids is activated. Some of the stages are regenerated randomly and the race begins again.
– The Observatory of the Moon (at the Mother Planet) reports the location where the race starts and the actual number of asteroids in the galaxy.
– Adding the decimal notation for Aeron.
– Enlarged fonts map.
– Removed the number of commanders on the bridge (both in game and on the external site).
– Removed the “Guide on the bridge”.
– The Barrels are no more retrieved by the Recovery Ships.
– Two new Advanced missions: Exploration and Charisma.

– Fixed the production queue of Orbiting complex.
– Fixed the bug in the sale of hields for spaceships by Wally.
– Fixed the period of protection (negative value).
– Fixed the bug of withdrawal from the galaxy .

Wardrome 2.31 Gavalanna

-Support for Firefox 4
-Experimental support for Internet Explorer 9
-Preloader improved
-All functions no more active have been removed from the Homeworld .
-Drones have been removed from the Surveillance list.
-The structure called Ultima Spes has been removed from the sector of the Alien portal.
-New Award (a medal) for who pass through the Alien portal at least once.
-Available the Advanced Missions to speed the rank up.
-Available at the Academy the list of all Advanced missions.
-Automatic removal of the ship-owls (Pirate barrel) of the player during vacation mode and withdrawal period.
-Default reward of 1000 credits is sets for new outlaws.
-Introduced a reward-cost for the launch of ship-owls (first time 1000, the second 2000, third 4000 and so on)

-Soft corrections in the index pages.
-Fixed a bug that caused the shutdown of Antros devices in case of attempted withdrawal.
-Fixed a bug that did not retrieve the user name in the box ‘sends message’ clicking by private reply and by the character profile.
-Fixed a bug that prevented a proper searching for phrases in the news.
-Fixed a bug that prevented the proper display of RSS news feed.
-Fixed some errors in the description of vacation mode in Options.

JQueryUI and jQuery javascript libraries have been updated to the latest versions available.

WarDrome 2.30 Gavadar preview

Preview of Wardrome 2.30 Gavadar, the free browser game.
We list briefly the news:
– DISPLAY RANK | Current rank | Next rank | Progress bar | Slot for upcoming update (available missions to advance rank)
– SMALL MAP | New design | New buttons: zoom, ship’s position on the general map, fast storage on the logbook
– BIG MAP | New design | New control panel: route calculation, locate coords, notes on coords.
Special layers: Aeron, Spaceships, Planets and markers on coords
– LOGBOOK | New Graphics | Quick view for scrolling titles and contents| Quick search
– WYSIWYG Text Editors in all the game!


  1. Draggable mini-map with clickable coords
  2. Number of owned planets in planets list.


  1. Vacation mode activation did Antros Devices inactive
  2. Vacation mode posted in news the account name instead of character name
  3. Texts of vacation mode extended with more help.

The new version will be available for play in next days.


The version 2.28 of the game will be made available shortly in the italian game Solerosso, then gradually for all the others.
This release introduces improvements in stability and speed of javascript and update the game to version 1.4.2 of jQuery.
The options panel has been renewed and will be introduced “hibernation” (Vacation mode) .
Players will be able to get away from the game (minimum 48 hours) stopping all forms of production, digging, attack.
A new system of automatic e-mail will alert you about attacks, pending messages, inactivity and so on.

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