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Give me a mysql connection and I will move the galaxy.

Wardrome is first of all a database query eater, an enormous management software that rather than deal with a company or other annoying things is here to make you play and have fun.
The first thing to be dealt with when making such an application is to make sure not to overload the database as soon as the players grows more than normal.
The common method used (in addition to slim queries) is to make a caching the results of our query for a certain period of time will be stored in order to avoid stress the database with constant requests for things we already have.
Wardrome makes extensive use of this: memcached “a distributed memory object caching system”.
What does memcached work in practice? Allows the concurrent processes (using a “lung” of shared RAM) to store any data, in our case the results of the queries.
Stop talking now, let’s watch the implementation, showing PHP code.

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